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Mom and Baby Tobacco Free Program Graduates

By October 20, 2017July 17th, 2018Health Care News

In January 2017, Grace Health started a Mom and Baby Tobacco Free Program. This is a smoking cessation program targeted at pregnant women to improve pregnancy health and birth outcomes by helping women quit smoking during pregnancy.  Women who quit smoking are less likely to have a premature and low-birth weight baby.  Staying smoke-free after the baby is born extends a positive health outcome for women and their families.

To participate in the Mom and Baby Tobacco Free Program, patients must commit to quit smoking during pregnancy. Grace Health providers and staff meet with them regularly to discuss their progress and provide the support they need. We often recommend resources such as Michigan Quit Line, Bronson Battle Creek Fresh Start program and Maternal Infant Health Program.  Program participants who are successful in quitting smoking throughout pregnancy receive free diapers and a gift card.

Robin Cooper and Sarah Furdero recently graduated from Grace Health’s Mom and Baby Tobacco Free Program. Robin said, “I am thankful for the program and smoking is really important to stop when your pregnant.”   Although Sarah tried to quit smoking before, her baby gave her a good reason to quit – “I tried to quit several times but when I got pregnant the decision was to quit something bad for something good.”

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Robin Cooper Sarah Furdero