School-Based Health Services

Grace Health Student Health Center offers quality healthcare for your child’s physical and mental health needs in a friendly setting at a time that is convenient for the student and family.

 School-Based Health Centers (SBHC)
Grace Health SBHCs are staffed with a nurse practitioner, social worker and support staff.  The Health Center’s nurse practitioner can be your child’s regular provider OR can support your child’s regular provider/pediatrician.  Services include routine well-child exams with immunizations, school and sports physicals, preventative care, urgent care and behavioral/mental health services.

School Wellness Program
Grace Health School Wellness Programs are staffed with a nurse and social worker.  Services provided include limited clinical nursing services, mental health services, and health education.

 Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health helps you manage your personal challenges, big or small, and guides you to healthy, productive solutions. Behavioral Health services include assessment, guidance and treatment when you are experiencing stress and other problems affecting the quality of your emotional and mental health.

Receiving Care
Your student may come to the Student Health Center anytime during regular hours or an appointment can be made by calling the Health Center direct.

Insurance / Payment
Grace Health accepts Medicaid and most insurance plans. If you have insurance, we will directly bill your insurance company. You will be responsible for co-pays and unmet deductible amounts. Grace Health has a sliding fee scale that is based on income and family size.  For discount and billing inquiries, call 269-441-3456.

Patient Forms
Click here to access Student Health Center forms.

Student Health Center Brochure

School-Based Health Centers:
Battle Creek Central High School
100 West Van Buren Street
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: 269-965-9539
Hours: Temporarily Closed

Lakeview High School
15060 Helmer Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015
Phone: 269-565-3704
Hours: Temporarily Closed

Springfield Middle School
1023 Avenue A
Battle Creek, MI 49037
Phone:  269-441-1295
Hours: Temporarily Closed

School Wellness Programs:
Northwestern Middle School
176 Limit Street
Battle Creek, MI 49037
Phone: 269-965-9662
Hours: Temporarily Closed

W.K. Preparatory High School
60 West Van Buren Street
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: 269-965-9676
Hours: Temporarily Closed

Behavioral Health only:
Dunlap Elementary
8465 Pennfield Road
Battle Creek, MI  49017
Phone: 269-961-9789
Hours:  Temporarily Closed

Homer Schools
403 South Hilldale Street
Homer, MI 49245
Phone: 517-568-4452
Hours: Temporarily Closed

North Pennfield Elementary
7422 Poorman Road
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: 269-961-9797
Hours: Temporarily Closed

Purdy Elementary
6510 Purdy Drive
Battle Creek, MI  49017
Phone: 269-961-9795
Hours:  Temporarily Closed

How to Make an Appointment

We offer Open Access Scheduling, which means you can schedule an appointment the same day you call. For details on scheduling appointments click here.

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