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Grace Health Student Health Center – Lakeview Mural

By May 27, 2022January 25th, 2023Health Care News

Kaitlyn Thomas, Lakeview High School student, recently finished a mural at Grace Health Student Health Center – Lakeview.  The Lakeview Art Club proposed the idea of a mural to Grace Health Board of Directors.  The purpose of the mural is to engage students in a way that represents the diverse student body and creates an inviting atmosphere within the Student Health Center.  The Lakeview Art Club prepped the walls for the mural and Kaitlyn spent a few months working on it, as part of her art project, until its recent completion. This mural project represents the partnership between Grace Health, Lakeview Schools, and the students. Grace Health Student Health Center – Lakeview is located within Lakeview High School and provides both medical and behavioral health services for students year around.  For more information about Grace Health’s Student Health Centers located within various local schools, visit Grace Health’s website or call (269) 965-8866.