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CenteringPregnancy Begins at Grace Health

By June 11, 2015July 17th, 2018Health Care News

On June 3, Sonya Datta-Sandhu, CNM and Emily VanDeraa, RN led Grace Health’s first CenteringPregnancy group.  With CenteringPregnancy, women meet with their healthcare provider and other women with similar due dates throughout their pregnancy.  This first group included 9 women who are due around November.  The women spent 2 hours with their nurse midwife and nurse getting all of their questions answered plus they learned from the other women in the group by sharing their experiences.  The women also received a complimentary book regarding pregnancy.  CenteringPregnancy offers monthly visits for the first 5 months and every two weeks until the birth.  After the babies are born, the group will have a reunion and share birth stories.  Additional groups are currently forming at Grace Health.  For more information about what Grace Health and Centering Pregnancy have to offer women in our community, contact Patti Pratt, RN, at 269-441-3443.


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Emily VanDeraa, RN and Sonya Datta-Sandhu, CNM