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Boot Camp for New Dads

By July 1, 2015July 17th, 2018Health Care News

Grace Health in partnership with Bronson Battle Creek provided its first “Boot Camp for New Dads” on April 18 and is planning additional boot camps on Saturday, July 18 and Saturday, August 15.  The first “Boot Camp” was a successful, educational day in which 6 men attended.  Dr. Eric Macleod worked with first-time dads during this unique, one-morning workshop to help build their confidence and prepare them for the challenges of fatherhood.  Veteran dads teach expectant dads how to diaper, feed and connect with their newborn.  They also learn ways to nurture and support mom and baby.  For more information regarding “Boot Camp for New Dads” call 269-341-7723 or 800-451-6310.

Daddy Boot Camp 2015-06-23 004

Dr. Eric Macleod (2nd from left) talks with Zachary Higgins, Andy Storey, and Jared Dow