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Additional Grace Health Nurse Midwives Complete ALSO Training

By April 25, 2016July 17th, 2018Health Care News

Two of Grace Health’s certified nurse midwives, Bethany Gonzalez, CNM and Heather Foulke, CNM, recently completed Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training in Kalamazoo at Western Medical School for Family Practice.  Sonya Datta-Sandhu, CNM and Kerrie Tollerud, CNM completed this training a month ago in Chicago at University of Illinois Family Practice Residency Program – Grace Health now has a total of 4 Certified Nurse Midwives trained in ALSO.

ALSO is an evidence-based multi-disciplinary training program that prepares maternity health care providers to better manage obstetric emergencies. The training helps to bridge gaps in knowledge and boost skill sets by using a team-based approach, hands-on training, and mnemonics to reduce errors and save lives.

During the training Bethany and Heather learned team-based approaches in managing emergency situations, including postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, and pre-eclampsia. The ALSO training also addressed preventive care and practice concerns, such as, first-trimester complications, communication techniques to enhance team interactions and safety in patient care, helping parents cope with a birth crisis, diagnostic ultrasound, and putting evidenced-based practice to work.  After completing the training, written exam and simulation, Bethany’s and Heather’s skills have increased and they are now better prepared to respond to obstetrical emergencies.

Participating in evidence-based programs, is one of the ways Grace Health providers enhance their skills to improve health care provided within our community.

Grace Health’s mission is to provide quality care with the belief that all individuals have the right to considerate service at all times with recognition of their personal dignity.

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Bethany Gonzalez, CNM

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Heather Foulke, CNM